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Wonder WalletHey, I’m Willard. I’ve been suffering from Sciatica (back pain due to misaligned hips) for a while now and needed a relief of my back pain. I was with my friend who is a chiropractor and it randomly came up. He pulled out his wallet, plopped it on the table and said “try this.” I didn’t know exactly what he meant, but he was carrying a Wonder Wallet.

I asked him what he was talking about and he said that he uses a compact wallet to help keep back pain away and he suggests it to his clients all the time. He said that the particular compact wallet he liked the most and uses is the Wonder Wallet. He said he saw a random commercial on the TV in his waiting room at his office when he was inviting in a client to the back room. He thought it might be worth looking into and that’s how he came to use the Wonder Wallet and suggest it to others.

He said that he got a second one for free when he ordered his on TV. I ended up getting one as well free of charge to sample it. My back pain wasn’t excruciating by any means but a serious bother than Ibuprofen wasn’t fixing. I really liked the Wonder Wallet initially because it holds up to 24 cards in it which is a lot more than I have but gives me options to hold other things. At first I didn’t think it had a spot to hold cash which is a deal breaker for me but once I got mine and played around with it I saw that there was a nice big pocket for cash and receipts.

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I carry in my wallet about 10 cards as a mini lock pick kit that my kids gave me for my birthday in case I get locked out of my house. The lock pick kit is semi-thick and was thinking of getting rid of it. But now that I’m using the compact Wonder Wallet I can carry it with me.
One of the things I read in some other Wonder Wallet reviews that people liked is that the wallet is flexible. Because it uses the plastic card holders, the wallet actually folds in half easily which means it conforms to my bum. So now when I’m driving I don’t notice the wallet on my bum after 30mins or so. Before my previous wallet would sit right under my butt cheek bone and I would always have to move it around to get the pressure off it or take it out.

I was grateful I got to try out the Wonder Wallet and felt the difference in my back because the pain went completely away. Luckily I don’t have to use my friend’s chiropractic services and pay for those, instead I just had to pay the $20 for a new wallet.

Because of the TV promo, I got a second one for free anyway so I ended up giving it to my wife. She has a tendency for not bringing her wallet because it takes up so much room in her purse. Now that she has the new compact Wonder Wallet she takes it everywhere and it doesn’t take up a lot of room in her purse.

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