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I have had many different wallets over the years but have yet to use one that is more comfortable, slim, holds a lot and convenient than the Wallet Wonderful Fold OutWonder Wallet. I don’t want this to sound like I’m whipping a dead horse or anything but it really is a great bill fold.

As I have mentioned before my previous wallet was giving me a little bit of back pain and that was one reason I wanted to try out the new Wonder Wallet. Another reason though was because I do a decent amount of driving around, my older wallet would hurt my butt cheek bone. I keep my wallet in my left back pocket and I don’t like having to pull it out and put it in the center console of my truck. I have left it in my truck so many times and then needed it that I prefer to keep it in my pocket even when it hurts.

That was a big reason for me and that’s why I got the Wonder Wallet. It’s nice that it’s genuine leather but that’s a pretty common feature found on most wallets these days. The biggest thing for me that I liked was that it was very slim and that it holds a lot. I don’t carry a ton of cards or anything but about a dozen or so total, and a little bit of cash.

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A big feature for me was that the plastic sleeves inside the wallet have a seam in the middle to separate the card slots. This allows the compact wallet to fold partially which makes it contour to my rear-end. Since I’m driving a good amount of the time this makes it much more comfortable to sit on and doesn’t make my butt cheek bone hurt or make my back hurt at all.

For a long time I considered using the open compact wallets that don’t have a cover, but it is just a holder for cards and cash. A few of my friends use them and they say they like them; however, every time we go somewhere and they use their wallet it’s an issue. They have to pack all their cards and cash into that tiny wallet that it’s a big pain just to get them out and use them. Obviously that’s a no go for me since I don’t like picking at my wallet every time I just need to get something out.

For me the Wonder Wallet was an easy decision. For one it’s not very expensive at all and secondly it comes with a second free wallet which I ended up giving to my wife and she loves it probably more than I do. Thirdly it doesn’t cause me pain like my original wallet did. Fourth, the easy to use card holders make life a lot easier and keep me organized so that I have personal and business debit/credit card sections as well as a cash section and personal contact business card section.

When I am out working with clients and we go out to eat and they see my Wonder Wallet I always get comments on it and asked how I like it. It’s easy to make the switch and I’m glad I did.

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