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I really needed a compact wallet for myself because I was having a lot of back pain due to my previous wallet. I looked at a lot of wallet Full Wonder Walletreviews and no wonder I had back pain, it was my bi-fold wallet that was doing it to me. I noticed it the most when I would go on long drives and my back and butt would start to hurt from sitting on my wallet.

A couple of my work friends have the really thin wallets where the cards are exposed and it has no covering for the cards or cash. I thought that would be nice but they always ended up shoving all of their cards and cash into it which made it thick. They said they liked their wallets well enough but, they hated having to get anything out of them because their cards and cash were always really tight in the sleeves.

The other concern I had is that all the cards are exposed and there is no RFID theft protection. My wife got her cards RFIDs scanned once and had to go through the whole identity/card theft issue with our bank. I wanted mine to be protected from that so we didn’t fall subject to it again.

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A friend of mine who is a chiropractor suggested the new compact wallet called Wonder Wallet because it’s thin, holds a ton of stuff, and doesn’t hurt the spine. I looked up other Wonder Wallet reviews and saw a lot of positive feedback. I was lucky enough to be able to try it out for free because he had a second one that he got for free when he bought his on TV. I tried it out and after about a week of no back pain it really clicked that it was my previous wallet that was causing it.

I didn’t want my Sciatica, back pain due to offset hips, to get any worse which is the biggest reason I started using the compact wallet. I read in the other Wonder Wallet reviews that it really did work for back pain and just convenience because of how it’s built. I have about 10 cards, a mini wallet lock pick set and cash that I typically keep in there. I had a lot of extra room because it holds up to 24 cards. I like to keep mine the way it is because then it stays extra thin.

My wife however, has more like 20 cards in her wallet plus cash, receipts, coupons and who knows what else. When I bought my compact wallet it came with a second one for free so I gave it to her. She likes it because now she doesn’t have issues getting her cards out quickly when she needs them. It also doesn’t take up nearly as much room in her purse. Sure it doesn’t have a cute little buckle or anything on it. It does get the job done of saving space and not making people in line behind her made at the store when she’s getting her wallet out.

The compact Wonder Wallet is by far the best wallet I’ve used. It’s durable, lasts a long time, thin, holds a ton of stuff and is way affordable.

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